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Photographs capture a moment in time, and hold that moment forever. Welcome to some of my moments. I hope you enjoy my site and visit it often.

The newest photos on the site will be in the "Featured" section. The "All Photographs" section contains all my work under four categories: Animals, Here and There, Personal Best (which contains my favorites), Plant Life, and This and That. Browse through them, and let me know what you think.

Enjoy, Harolyn

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Warren's Tee-ball Adventure 21-Apr-17

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Created 22-Apr-17
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Warren's Tee-ball Adventure 21-Apr-17

Amber's Skydiving Adventure, Jan. 14, 2017

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Created 15-Jan-17
Modified 15-Jan-17
Amber's Skydiving Adventure, Jan. 14, 2017


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Created 27-Sep-12
Modified 27-Sep-12

My Favorites

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Created 22-Dec-13
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My Favorites

All Photographs


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Personal Best

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Personal Best

Plant Life

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Plant Life

This and That

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This and That

Here and There

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Here and There


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Created 15-Jul-11
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Amber and Wade's Bahama Cruise

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Created 26-Jun-12
Modified 26-Jun-12
Amber and Wade's Bahama Cruise

Callaway Exhibit

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Created 1-Apr-14
Modified 1-Apr-14
Callaway Exhibit

Springtime at the Farm

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Created 13-Apr-14
Modified 13-Apr-14
Springtime at the Farm

Amber and Wade at Niagara Falls

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Created 28-Jun-14
Modified 28-Jun-14
Amber and Wade at  Niagara Falls

Guestbook for Harolyn Castleberry
Janice Crutchfield(non-registered)
Your pictures capture some of the best! Thanks for sharing such wonderful images.
photography by King Davis
Lovely Carolina portfolio...my one criticism is you didn't take me along : )
Mary Rogers(non-registered)
I know it takes a lot of time to get images as lovely as these and I am so happy you are putting your work out where we can all enjoy your talent and accomplisments. Thank you for all your efforts. I'll enjoy checking in often.
Pam Johnson(non-registered)
These are fantastic! You are multi-talented and should definitely be working for National Geographic or Horse and Hound or publishing your own book of photographs. My goodness! I could not pick a favorite! I love all the ones that reflect, all the animals, all the architecture, and really everyone of them. WOW! I also love the deer because it reminds me of visiting your wonderful home and yard!
I'm so glad I looked at these. Your talent is a beautiful thing--you capture so much in a single shot. I can only imagine the practice and the concentration that these photos demand. Thanks for sharing.
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